“We can do this without creating greater complexity for our users or our support staff.” Originally, Zone Labs said Tuesday that it would decline to fix the vulnerability reported to the Bug Traq mailing list, as the company claimed the hole was a flaw in Windows, and not in its own software.On Thursday, Zone Labs changed its stance, claiming that any exploit that took advantage of the hole was still “theoretical”, and that that to its knowledge no hacker had used the vulnerability to compromise a user’s system.

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I tried the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite free trial for 15 days. I get the message that "True Vector service is shutting down." My windows security center informs me though that the firewall is active, but I have no Anti-Virus protection. I also can't log onto the Zone Labs website through either Mozilla or IE7. At least you know the problem is on THEIR end and not YOURS.

When I attempt, I get the error message "Error: Could not resolve server." Also for the past three days, my Zone Alarm keeps shutting down for no reason.

Alarm server problem that was fixed a few days ago.

The other poster that had a problem was also resolved this morning by changing a DNS setting so this thread is done unless someone else jumps in without reading the other posts which is more than likely to happen.

I will continue to try..quite a number of different ways to contact them providing you have a registered copy of one of their paid programs.. IIbc Lu8go8w2ayot9OLG6b Gsxji ZVYe Df6w3i ZYz Jx VT! On someone else's advice, I decided to try using open DNS to see if that would help, and I am now able to see the Zone Labs web sites, and download virus and spyware definitions.

If anyone else is having problems even accessing Zone Labs to get help, open DNS might be a workaround.Plus it includes Web site filtering, identity and privacy protection, and more.I have XP Pro, Avast 4.7, Spybot, and Zone alarm pro firewall. Edit: After update attempt and firewall locks up I am unable to open anything except task manager. The firewall is set for automatic updates but it never seems to update. Have you tried manually downloading updates using internet explorer rather than firefox?supposedly able to update anti spyware but not anti virus. I've tried ie7 and firefox independant of the zonealarm program and I get the same old cant connect to server tried changing a whole bunch of firewall settings nothing works might just try a complete re-install You can get it here: I don't seem to have a problem accessing any other Web site I try, I'm getting all of my mail messages. Telephonequote Now you can have access to Zone Labs expert technical support by telephone simply by calling a toll-free number (charged to your credit card) or a 900 number, charged to your phone bill.However, their server was definitely down at the time, so I doubt it was really updating the anti spyware. act=ST&f=94&t=3698&st=0#entry18013The news of this worm, a SDbot variant with rootkit was announced in the Lavasoft Blog last week: New Worm AIMed at Computer Users September 20th, 2006 It just seems to be an issue when trying to visit the Zone Labs site, or download the definitions. Toll-free Premium Phone Support * Call 877-365-ZONE (9663) * Hours of operation: AM to PM, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays) * Cost is .95 per minute, billed to your Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover card * Products supported: All Zone Alarm I have done a little more searching on-line, and the issue I am experiencing appears to be related to DNS settings.Earlier this week, company executives characterized the difficulty of exploiting the hole as “the equivalent of hacker brain surgery” and said the cost to upgrade a free product would be prohibitive.