feel free to break my formula, i havn't so far, but i'm biased being it's creator and haven't tried very hard date anybody who doesn't post in the Intro thread.Also, I just don't see what the hang up is about the creepiness factor.Actually, the formula I've seen (formerly featured on flywheel.org) was a conservative delta of .25 between the natural logs of both party's ages, or a .5 difference for the more liberal cradle/grave-robbing crowd.hello xkcd rocks Some time ago, I heard the age/2 7 rule and considered it, as I am wont to do... no pun intended For example, a 100 year old may go out with a 57 year old and not be creepy, but there is still a vast difference in their ages.

The formula may or may not fall apart here as I have no real experience of this sort of thing...

parents can try the formula to see if it holds for their childrens selected partner.

I guess that depends on the state, but I'd assume that would define how old you must get before you are considered an "Old Maid/Butler". I imagine they would.) Maximum Marriage "Old Maid" Age = (26^2)-Minimum Marriage Age in your stateso after seeing the XKCD comic refering to this ..

I thought this would be a fun query to run ....assuming there is a users table and a friends table that connects users to users .. should be 120/2 84 = 144 months, which still gives a negative range. of the quantities involved, you're not going to change the result You could be using 7 years, 84 months, or 221 megaseconds, and you'd STILL get the same intersection at 14 years, 168 months, or 442 megaseconds.(long time reader, first time poster...

personally i like the lyrics: "you're only 19 for god's sake, you don't need a boyfriend" from "once and never again" by the long blonds but I expect most people to disagree with me on that point To determine when you can date your new attractive boss, you can use the formula: "Years till dating ok" = 3 x "older persons age" - 4 x "the younger persons age".

Any answer less than zero means you are already in the ok zone.

This also works as a reciprocal too as the 75 year old should date someone no more than 100 years old.

I agree that someone under 16 shouldn't be "dating" but it is common (and often considered cute) for children of any age to select a boyfriend or girlfriend from similarly aged children in their group.

to derive this formula, remember that as the years pass, the age of both people increase, so you can't just add the years to go to one age, you have to add it to both.