Last night at dinner, my girlfriend and I got into a debate about Anne Hathaway.

When the relationship ended, Gosling credited The Notebook for being the event that catapulted him into a love story he would live to relish.

He went on to say that their actual love life was way better than the chemistry epitomized on the set.

Back in the day, they were actually considered some of the top celebrity couples in Hollywood.

This however has to be hands down one of Rachel’s shortest relationships, with the going rumor around LA being that they lasted a little more than a month.

Fans were sad to see the back of this romance in 2013.

The Exes remain friends till date and attended the same party in LA 2015.Mc Adams was born on 17th November 1978 in London, Ontario.So, just as we did with Julie Bown and Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, let’s let the pictures do the talking and decide which girl next door is more desirable: Rachel Mc Adams or Anne Hathaway.And in case you like to do some side-by-side comparing before you vote, the pictures below are there for your perusal and enjoyment.And now, to wrap things up, I’ve chosen two images completely at random.They hid away from the spotlight, hogged all the time they had to themselves and tried to stay away from controversy.