Purges any mail message with a subject field that matches a certain string.

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Support options are typically obtained from Novell Support representatives when you need assistance resolving specific database problems.[…] Make sure that you clearly understand what the Support options do before you use them.

It removes references to lost or orphaned attachment files from message databases, which eliminates Quick Finder indexing errors.

It does not show any e-mails at all when details are typed into the search - if left blank, it pulls all e-mails." And here's the reply from Danita Zanre ... Here's a Cool Solutions article that might help you with that: you turn on the verbose logging at the POA and do a Quickfinder run, you may find that this user has a gazillion messages that have not been indexed properly (i.e., the number in parentheses after the user database).

Solution It sounds like your Quick Finder indexes might be out of date, or even damaged. You still might need to use the start Favorite Rating: Group Wise POA indexes are being lost and need to be regenerated This document (7014517) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.

Start GWCheck as described in Group Wise Check in Databases in the Group Wise 7 Administration Guide.

It can be partial text, but it must be the starting words (e.g., the first 27 characters of the subject) but everything that begins with the string you type will be purged and will NOT be recoverable.The “Procedure for development, revision, clarification and update of standardized baselines” defines the process to develop new standardized baselines as well as to revise, clarify and update approved standardized baselines.How to develop standardized baselines Project participants may select an approved standardized baseline if the approved standardized baseline is valid and applicable to the proposed CDM project activity or Po A in accordance with the “CDM project standard".Uwe Buckesfeld 2006-07-03 UTC Permalink Raw Message Post by r***@uk It has a problem with that partucular users Db, what would be the best TIDto follow to repair or fix ?Try a "Rebuild indexes for listing" on the user's PO database.See our new home at Services & Support Services Overview Help Yourself Knowledgebase Support Forums Documentation Product Support Lifecycle Let Us Help Open Service Request Entitlement & Access Premium Support Technical Support Handbook Download Patches Drivers Contribute Participate in Beta Report Bug Report Software Vulnerability Share a Tip, Trick, etc. After each user database there will be a number in parentheses.