Yes true the PVR is not up to snuff, because it is still in beta mode.

When the n Fusion people plan on doing something about that is only a guess.

Very nice, easy set up, is working so far, has being down a couple of hours but normally is up (on DN), is not perfect because it gets very hot, I had to put a little fan on top [yes I have no warranty now.. if you are afraid of losing warranty, then I don't recommend it, since it really need a fan but...

if you have air conditioning on the room and you will receive a nice cool air or you know that the receiver will be VERY ventilated AND you have a network cable or will go wireless on this then is a GO!

No new business so you're mostly just twiddling your thumbs all day. Cons The few employees I saw who were on the top of their game and great collaborators were also the ones hoping to leave ASAP and who were ultimately laid off; "loyalty" to the company or higher ups is valued more than hard work and talent; Office is far from everything; the company is prone to huge layoffs; there is a lack of accountability in higher positions, both in terms of work completed and professional behavior; higher ups set unrealistic expectations of workers and clearly don't understand the fields they are working in.

Advice to Management Stop focusing on "loyalty" to the company and instead reward hard working individuals who are great at their jobs.

Also, managers need to build better rapports with their teams.

At the moment, 99% of lower level employees dislike and mistrust their managers.

n Fusion Nova FTA digital satellite receiver is the new generation of FTA solutions.

Full wireless capabilities will allow you to get the n Fusion Nova integrated seamlessly into your wireless networks, therefore allowing this n Fusion Nova FTA receiver to be a complete...

I have run my n Fusion for almost a year now and have never turned it off, and it still keeps working like a champ.

The price has been lowered for the n Fusion Nova to 9 on most factory authorized web sites, so before you buy check around.

My take on this receiver is, I wanted a receiver that would be dependable for watching FTA satellite reception that didn't cost an arm and a leg, and that is exactly what I got with the Nova.