The financing was led by Scale UP Ventures, and includes Hedgewood, Klister Credit Corp. As part of the transaction, Fund Through will receive .6 million of equity and access to an additional million in loan capital.

Fund Through received .2 million in first round funding led by Real Ventures.

This means that Walmart will have the option to take a two percent discount and pay you in 35 days, or if it opts not to exercise the early payment option, the company will pay in 65 days.

The two percent is deducted off the gross invoice amount before all other deductions (a typical Walmart invoice might have 10% worth of other discounts).

In addition to early payment discounts, Walmart typically has a table in their vendor agreement that includes all other deductions and discounts.

Some of these are on-invoice (they are directly deducted from the gross invoice amount to be paid to you) and some are off-invoice (a monthly or quarterly charge).

If you are planning on factoring your invoices or using a third-party asset-based lender, you will likely need to change your remittance details to a bank account controlled by the factor or asset-based lender.

Implementing this change occasionally takes time to work its way through the customer’s organization, and may be easiest if done up front when you first sign an agreement with the company.

“Guaranteed sale” means that unless the product sells within an acceptable time period, Walmart can send it back to you or demand significant discounts or credits—they are taking the product on consignment, and you are guaranteeing that it will sell.

A “true sale” means that Walmart is purchasing the product from you and is obligated to pay you whether they sell it or not; the risk of sale is transferred to Walmart as soon as they accept delivery.

e recently had a client who was excited to share with us his great news—he had just received his first purchase order from Walmart.