His chardonnay was unusual in that it was a ‘French style’ bottle, having been made entirely in steel and never stored in oak.

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Zuccarino approaches wine making with a biochemistry perspective and gave detailed (but rapid) descriptions of how he had blended different grapes to get just the flavor and color that he wanted in his wines.

He refers to his wines informally as ‘organic.’ The claim is not on the bottle or in any of his literature, so he is probably referring to the fact that he does put sulfites or any additive (dyes, fruit flavors etc.) into his wine.

We saw Silver Springs Winery, opened the door and was greeted with "Welcome to Silver Springs Winery" by the owner, John, who was very knowledgeable, professional, and seemed very passionate about wine. Frankly, this was the only wine we rated as anything better than okay in the Finger Lakes area.

The owner was more knowledgeable about his wines and wine in general than any of the other wineries we visited. We went back the next day intending to buy a lot more but he was closed.

There were no other customers there on a Thursday in April and we found the owner practicing his guitar playing behind the tasting bar.

John Zuccarino told us that his winery had been there for about 10 years.

I invite all of you top come try our world class wines.

Pledging to deliver to you the very best that I can produce in each bottle of wine.

I visited Silver Springs Winery after visiting many others in the area.