“And no one would have never knew that, n*gga, if he hadn’t come and started tripping about Karrueche. A., I'm on tour with Lil Wayne at this time, Rihanna called my manager," he explained.

The Hollywood Life reported that the two are still close with each other and Chris Brown still reaches out to Rihanna every now and then.

“He sent her a joking text telling her telling her she could lay on his chest if she needed a rock for support.

Chris Brown and Rihanna might have had quite a past.

But his daughter, Royalty, is completely blind to it as she rocked out to one of Rihanna’s latest hits, Work.

Another rumored reason for the Drake Rihanna breakup are the new people in their lives.

Some speculations are that the split was because of Drake’s new love interest, model India Love who was spotted watching the Toronto Blue Jays game with Drake last week.

The following day, Soulja flew to New York to continue his tour with Lil Wayne, and was once again contacted by Rihanna’s camp.

This time, he says, he responded to her directly and eventually went to her hotel room to smoke, eat, and watch , before Rihanna opened up to him about her assault.“That’s what the beef really stems from.

source debunks the first claim saying that the two were never a couple and have always been just close friends.

“Everyone wants them to be together, but they are just close friends who are always in each others lives,” shared the source.

She the biggest R&B artist and she just got humiliated.