En coupe, on peut voir que les gisements filoniens sont situés dans la zone d’une faille subhorizontale (de suture ou de déformation intense) séparant les domaines des deux épontes.

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Accepted as revised January, 2009 SUMMARY The discovery of placer gold deposits in the Cariboo in 1860, and the immediate realization of their importance, were directly responsible for the establishment of the Province of British Columbia, allowing Canada to expand from ‘Sea to Shining Sea.’ Later, in the early 1930s, the new lode gold mines helped rescue the province from bankruptcy during the Great Depression.

The Cariboo Goldfield is one of the longest continuously productive mining camps in Canada (nearly 150 years).

Trois zones de ruisseaux de riches gisements d’or placériens s’étirent aussi du nordouest au sud-est au sein de la région aurifère, la plus au nord-est envelop-pant la zone de gisements filoniens.

Le champ aurifère de Cariboo comprend deux domaines principaux de roches – à l’éponte supérieure, un domaine de roches ophiolitiques paléozoïques faisant partie du terrane de Slide Mountain, et à l’éponte inférieure, un domaine plus étendu de roches métasédimentaires de marge continentale de la fin du Protérozoïque et du Paléozoïque faisant partie du terrane de Barkerville.

In cross-section, the lode deposits are located in a sub-horizontal, terrane-bounding fault (suture or high-strain zone), which separates the hanging-wall and footwall domains.

The vertical extent of the mineralized zone below this suture is half a kilo-metre or less.

Combined production from these mines between 19 is about 38.3 million grams (g) (1.23 million troy ounces) of gold and 3.16 million g (101 439 troy ounces) of silver, which would be worth more than one billion dollars at current prices (~US0 gold).

Major placer deposits are located largely along creeks in the Goldfield mostly lying in gutters on bedrock overlain by Late Tertiary gravels but gold is also redistributed within overlying glacial sediments.

Like all gold rushes, the Cariboo has had a cast of strong and interesting characters.

Four of the most memorable include: Billy Barker, an early placer miner; Bill Hong, a later Chinese placer miner; Amos Bowman, the first geologist; and Fred Wells, a prospector and mining entrepreneur during the heyday of lode mining.

Since 1860, placer mines probably produced more than 118.2 million g (3.8 million troy ounces) worth about 3.4 billion dollars at current prices.