It is worth noting that the time of day in an EViews date number is accurate up to a particular millisecond within the day, although it can always be displayed at a lower “precision” (larger unit of time).When date numbers are formatted to lower precisions, they are always rounded down to the requested precision and never rounded up.

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In most cases, there are various upper and lowercase forms of the format component, corresponding either to the presence or absence of leading zeros, or to the case of the string identifiers.

Month formats may represent two-digit month values with or without leading zeros, three-letter abbreviations for the month, or the full month name.

The date format corresponding to this text representation is which indicates that we have, in order, the following components: a one or two-digit month identifier, a “/” separator, a one or two-digit day identifier, a “/” separator, and a 4-digit year identifier.

A date format may contain one or more of the following string fragments corresponding to various date components.

Если вы нашли не точный перевод или вам кажется, что какого-то перевода не хватает, то обязательно пишите нам.

There are a variety of places in EViews where you may work with calendar dates.

Before describing date formats in some detail, we consider a simple example.