I do think the BGM could have been looped better, though. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I already explained the basic premise. ) You catch your breath and Toji drops by, jogging in place. You're lying on a hill naked (not sure why...), save for a conveniently-placed towel, with Misato pouring water onto your arm from a canteen (to "prevent cardiac strain" or something). ") Next we see a scene of Misato driving you and Asuka back to school. | | Misato: Ah, there's a communication from Hyuga-kun. | | Hyuga: Please tell us your current whereabouts. | *--------------------------------------------------------------------* Okay, enough of that. Kensuke will announce his discovery of a tunnel going into the Geofront and his intention of dragging you all along to explore it. Again, if you feel like it, you can go around and talk to people again: - Kaworu and Asuka in Yamano Instruments. ;; D Go to the station and you'll board for Togendai automatically.

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The Evas and Angels, for what little they appear, are not drawn especially well, either. Kensuke talks to you about gathering everyone at the Big Apple Diner.

(Granted, everything is nicely colored.) I think the original GOS was better in this department, with graphics that actually looked like cels, straight out of the anime. Kensuke and Toji talk to you, with the former announcing some cool tunnel he's discovered. Get Rei on the rooftop, Kaworu in the music room, Toji in the classroom, and Asuka in the library. You're supposed to go to the station, but you can have a little fun beforehand. She'll talk to you in your room, at the intersection, in front of the school, at the campus, and at the convenience store.

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