As noted, WWE producer Jamie Noble was stabbed multiple times following a road rage incident near his home in West Virginia several days ago.

Noble reportedly cut off another motorist on the highway, leading to that man and two passengers following Noble to his home in Mercer County, WV.

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But after he split from brother Rick; he found himself a needle and some HGH and started hitting the gym. If your biceps don't look like Elephant Man growths, you're not doing it right. And blow dry your hair; you look stunning that way. Lacking in muscle and size he makes up in tenacity and verve.

You should be able to crack a walnut between your butt-cheeks. Rick Martel was one of the beefiest cakes in pro wrasslin'. Winning multiple titles in the independent scene and capturing the tag titles in the WWE, he's gotten more tail than you've ever approached.

is an American retired professional wrestler who is best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the ring name, Nidia.

She (along with men's division winner Maven Huffman) won the first season of WWE Tough Enough receiving a one-year contract with the company.

WWE has confirmed that wrestler Jamie Noble has suffered an injury that forced him to be stretchered out of the Indianapolis arena where Raw was taking place.

Noble was seen to be thrown into the barricade by fellow wrestler Brock Lesnar, who was battling with The Authority at the time of the incident.and tells TMZ Sports he's willing to do anything to bury the hatchet. Wale believes he's been on Vince Mc Mahon's bad side ever since he got into a fight with another fan at "Monday Night Raw" back in March 2014 ... But Wale -- who's a HUUUUUGE wrestling fanatic -- says the friction between himself and the WWE is killing him ... Wale says he has nothing but respect for Vince, Triple H and the rest of the gang -- and says he wants an internship with WWE to learn from the best in the business. Girls want to treat you like a piece of meat, so you'd better be the rarest steak in the shop. This Quebec bruiser won several titles in WWF, AWA, and WCW. Ladies want to know they're with the pack leader; so make sure to seek out the tallest guy and challenge him. Even if you lose; women love taking care of their injured white knight.His ego was so large, they needed to vaporize it into a perfume called ' Arrogance". Make sure she's present when you kick the guy's ass or she'll never believe you.WWE issued a statement to confirm that Noble had suffered an injury, and that his “condition is currently being evaluated”.