Cassidy, Claire, Jessica and Ellie regroup and all receive a text containing the video of Megan's death and a message telling them to go to the steel mine in 20 minutes or the video will be sent to the police.

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During the party held after graduation, the girls all receive a picture sent to their phones: a robed arm holding the bloody lug wrench Garrett used to kill Megan.

Suspicion falls on Garrett, but Chugs insists he's changed after the incident and is not mentaly competent.

Thinking Garrett is the one stalking them, Jessica runs over him with her vehicle.

However, they discover afterward that Garrett has been receiving the same text messages they have.

So, Andy decided to kill everyone who knew of Megan's murder.

Andy then kills Jessica and tells Cassidy that they need to kill Ellie too.

A little later, in the sorority's shower room, Claire and Jessica discussing about the incident.

After they leave, a sorority girl named Joanna, who overheard their conversation, gets murdered by the mysterious killer with the same tire iron. Claire's boyfriend, Mickey, is attacked and murdered by the hooded killer, with Ellie witnessing it.

Jessica takes the lead and insists it is merely a sick joke by him and continues with the party.