Give time to your relationship so that it can grow.

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If they ask for some time to give response then give it to her (Also, you don’t have another option). Being Prepared—Doing Your Homework could be the Difference-Maker So, you are sure about getting your timing right and you have decided upon the style of proposing to your Indian girlfriend.

However, an important question remains to be asked—have you don’t your homework?

Flirting, being friends or very good friends and going out on a special date with a girl; all are very different situations from proposing a girl.

Men who are going to propose an Indian girl should do this with utmost care.

If she is your colleague at the office, digging information about her likes and dislikes isn't that difficult.

If she is within your extended circle of friends, the task becomes even easier.

This helps in creating a good platform before you really propose her.

This is the most important part of proposing an Indian girl.

You will suffer without any reason just because of wrong timing.

Also, keep on giving hints about your proposal before really proposing a girl.

When you propose to her, it should seem that you know about her preferences and her personality type.