He tends to isolate himself from others and his relationships come across as strained.Conditions in Eric Nies' parental home may be oppressive and strained.

Now we will discuss patterns of behavior which Eric Nies instinctively and habitually reverts to when under stress - a mostly subconscious process that he is apt to over indulge in because it is so familiar and hence easy for him.

The direction Eric Nies needs to follow in order to develop balance, greater awareness, and wholeness is also described.

Five weeks later, Eric and Iona decided to move in together and get married in Vietnam.

“Iona kind of came in and amplified my light,” Eric says.

“There was an energy about her that was undeniable. Soon as she looked at me, she saw all of our past lives together.” Eric believes that he and Iona, the mother of his baby boy, are “two parts of one soul, called a twin flame,” and unlike some couples, they tell each other everything.

Nies either overvalues or undervalues his possessions and assets.

He can also go to extremes in dealing with bodily needs and desires, being either hedonistic or ascetic.

Eric Nies may deny himself sensual pleasure and enjoyment of the fruits of his labors. Many times Eric Nies feels that he does not have "enough" to make him feel secure, regardless of how much (money, insurance, etc.) he has!

However, Nies tends to cling to others and prevent them from changing.