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Wamli offers excellent customer service, free shipping, no-questions asked returns policy and friendly payment options. Wysada is a go-to shopping destination for the last word in home interiors in the Middle East.

Wysada has opened many offices all over the Middle East, and also in London, Hong Kong, Turkey and Portugal.

COD payments are accepted, and special fast delivery options are available. Jado Pado is an auction marketplace where one can buy and sell new, used and refurbished items Stores are handled by individual sellers, including their product range, order management and fulfillment.

Jado Pado’s job is to make sure everything looks great. Carrefour is the second-largest retailer in the world.

By 2015, Middle Eastern countries will see their E-commerce sales touch $15 billion.

This figure was barely billion in 2012, barely 3 years ago.

You can find everything from Arabic sweets, coffee, baked items, herbs, nuts and much more here. offers a range of head coverings for women, including the traditional hijab, beautiful cashmere and pashmina shawls and much more.

The products are stylish, beautiful and even glamorous, with semi-precious bead embroidery. What is your favorite Middle East based Ecommerce website?

As we all know, muslim countries are very much opposed to transgenders and this is what makes it so hard for them to live their own life.

They have no choice of their own but what I find really ironic here is that arab men actually like transsexual women. They really find big and round bottoms very sexy and this is a very distinct feature of many transsexual women from the Middle East.

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