Free dating sites fast became an ecosystem for programmers to let loose their bot scripts - luring the sexually curious to malware or "extra" services.

The women say they are looking for guys with no baggage , but they them selves have all kinds of baggage , old relationships or flames that they really cant get over with , as an older man looking for a lady my age very hard as they have been independent and set in their ways , that they are unable to relate to things that the man relates to .

In short I think most are looking for MR RITE in a playboy sugar daddy , that can wisck them around the world and treat them like crap .

Be smart and you can meet good people but if yall think its a few clicks and then love, its time to get real yo.

I have been on POF for a long time , with very little luck , have been on dates that have led to short relationships .

Now celebrity love rats are yesterday's news, the real scandal may lie in the use of chatbots in dating sites.

While many dating websites now adhere to a strict no-bot policy, some are happy to write ambiguous terms and conditions into their policies, allowing for fake profiles and bot relationships to flourish on the site, it's claimed.

I use Plenty Of Fish but im not stupid enough to think it can help me alone so I use We Just with it.

Dat way I get dates set up enough that I dont go crazy waiting, feel me?

Been using Plenty Of Fish since I split with my baby mama an I can say for sho that its not the answer on its own.