She told : “It's always important to look at the function of any behaviour and how it's working for you. Or you're not getting what you want, or your needs aren't getting met?

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However, for some single people ready to settle down, a 'sex detox' has been suggested as the way to break out of a dating rut, according to some relationship counsellors.

Clinical psychologist Dr Megan Fleming said “there's something to be said about taking a break and getting that reset” for those who find themselves more interested in sex than a relationships.

The anxiety can override their enjoyment of the intimacy and the sensuality so we encourage them to explore their likes and dislikes, leading to full intercourse.

That way, they are able to overcome any obstacles that are getting in the way of enjoying a full sexual relationship." However, she advises that if two people in a relationship are considering a sex detox it is important to check in with each other to check both parties continue to be on the same page.

Once you start to feel ready to think about a new relationship, you may want to prepare yourself physically, as well as emotionally.

Why not consider a new hairstyle, which can be a real confidence booster.Trying some new activities, or doing something you enjoy but haven’t done in ages, such as swimming, dancing, badminton, or yoga, can also have the added benefit of helping you to meet new people.See our guides to Healthy eating and Healthy living for more ideas about improving your health.So before you start looking for someone new, think carefully about whether you’re ready for a new relationship.If you’re newly single, this means coming to terms with the end of your previous relationship and giving yourself time to process your feelings.In the era of dating apps and relaxed sexual attitudes, an intimate encounter is just a swipe away.