There are pros and cons to marrying chicks from humble backgrounds but the cons outweigh the pros for me.

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(I know—not the healthiest habit, but it’s true.) One day, we were on our way to temple, and I found inappropriate text messages between him and other women.

He was saying things like how he wanted to hook up with them and exactly what he wanted to do to them. He didn’t want to lose me, and that was the first time he told me, “I think I’m a sex addict.” Apparently, every time we’d gotten into an argument, while I was off crying or being upset, hewould go off and text other women to feel validated.

Things moved pretty quickly; we were instantly infatuated with each other and didn’t want to be apart once we met.

Before we’d even officially started dating, he told me he used to be addicted to meth.

Years later, their relationship almost fell apart when she discovered a web of lies that concealed the truth: Adi was a sex addict, and he needed help.

Here, Sophie explains how she came to terms with the issue that threatened to end their relationship—and how it made them a stronger couple in the end. student, and I was in my third year of undergrad school.

Almost a year after we’d broken up, when I was traveling in Thailand, he wrote me a letter that read, “I saw this quote: ‘What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

’ Even though it’s cheesy, I would do everything in my power to get you back and prove to you I’m the one for you. Tell me if I should go away forever or if I have a chance.”Receiving this unexpected letter confirmed my suspicion that even though I was enjoying my freedom and adventures, I really missed Adi.

How I discovered his secret—and how we worked through it together.

(Photo: Sophie Jaffe)When Sophie Jaffe, 31, first met her husband Adi, 38, they had an immediate connection.

This is due to the fact that they grew up with nothing and now feel that they are deserve the money since they grew up poor (like most celebrity divorces when a rich man marries a poor woman, she leaves with half and starts flossing with the guy's money like she's the baddest bitch).