Oliver is a widower who decides to go online to find a partner. After a few weeks he becomes interested in a woman called Jane living in Ireland.They have a lot of shared interests and get on well by email.

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She has more savings but can’t access it right now; it will be available next month. After a few payments his daughter gets suspicious, she calls Netsafe and they confirm this was a scam. Cieran just received an urgent request from one of her close friends who ‘lost his wallet on vacation and needs some cash to get home’.

She sends some money right away, following his instructions.

You get to know the person, perhaps over weeks or months. All of a sudden they request a short-term loan for some personal crisis. These images can be used later on to blackmail you.

This can also occur with naked photos that you send by mobile phone to others (‘sexting’).

These types of scams include: Often, if you are the victim of a scam you may be in denial.

Once you’ve realised you are being scammed, stop all contact and avoid sending further payments.

If your service provider removes the content, then no criminal liability attaches to your online host or service provider.

Read Harmful Digital Communications Act to find out more about your rights. From fake Facebook pages to malicious applications and advertisements, social media scams are not always easy to spot.

Once the relationship is established, they will seek financial assistance. For example, scams where the victim is blackmailed using compromising photos or videos like in the ‘Ashley Madison’ case. No one wants to think that they could be taken advantage of by an internet dating scam and yet hundreds of people are every single year.