Spontanément je me sentirais irrésistiblement attiré par mon canapé ou par mon lit... Plus tôt dans le test, il y avait une question du type "Pour vous la vie c'est plutôt bleu/rose/rouge/vert/orange/violet/etc..." ... Vert avec des étoiles oranges, une lune rouge, des arbres bleus et une énorme citrouille rose au milieu! Sérieusement, ça coûtait trop cher de mettre un bouton: "cette question me parait débile et je préfèrerais rencontrer des gens qui ont également trouvé cette question débile"? j'en suis à 45% j'ai envie d'abandonner, mais en même temps j'ai envie de savoir ce qui se passe à la fin...

Spontanément je n'irais pas me reposer sous un arbre.

I've been told my name somehow calculates out to four in numerology. Then I went to the year 1 where it all started and I saw it again Friday the 28th!

Je suis en ce moment même en train de tester qui m'a bien eu en m'envoyant un mail bien fait, qui m'a fait croire à une inscription rapide, gratuite, gratifiante, etc...

Ok je préfère le nouveau look, mais j'en ai marre de répondre à 150 questions débiles du genre: "Sous quel arbre iriez-vous spontanément vous reposer? Pareil pour les goûts musicaux: je voudrais un choix "Autre" et je voudrais rencontrer quelqu'un qui a également choisi autre plutôt qu'un des 6 ridicules choix proposés...

[read more...] I'd like to receive any information I can about the number four (and often also ) and why I see it everywhere. It seems there is so much information regarding scenarios like this, it's hard to narrow the information down. Another thing is number 3 I always hang up things on wall in 3's. I'm wondering if someone with a better understanding of numerology can tell me anything interesting about these numbers. So today me having the i Phone I started to see what day of the week I was born. I went to the year 428 on the calendar there it was a Friday on the 28th.

It shows up in my birthday once, three times if you do a few mathematical backflips. [read more...] Once in a while I see the number 5 in odd places can be in food, on a cigarette butt, on the wall, on signs, I see it especially when I am about to make a good or bad decision. Then I went to the year 28 there it is again Friday the 28th.

I've always been interested in spirits and ghosts, and in the apartment I'm in with my boyfriend and his daughter, there always seems to be some kind of movement of things that shouldn't move because they are secured on a table or washer and then they fly off on their own... [read more...] Why do I keep seeing reverse numbers everywhere: 10.01, 12.21, 3.03, 8.18, etc. On top of this, not long ago, I noticed that when I was younger and more involved with sports, I would always pick number 11.

things I've all noticed as well after his passing on top of the fact that I don't have closer. [read more...] For several years I see my birth month 11 and my birthday 12 on the clock. [read more...] I too have been seeing the number 222 for many, many years and would like to know if there is any relevance to my life. Its almost like I would do this subconsciously because I knew that the number 11 held some sort of importance.

Does it has hidden message that it was trying to tell me? I got interested in spirituality and quantum physics and started practicing meditation. From beginning of the year, I started numbers in my life like , 11, 22, 55, 99 and 77 to which one of my friends said that its angel sending me messages — on which I did some research.

I can't figure out what does the universe is trying to me. For more than 6 months now, the numbers I see most is 22, 222 with 911, 11 and 77 a lot and everywhere. [read more...] I keep seeing 22 minutes passed the hour every day, yesterday for example, I just happened to see it at , , 1.22 and 3.22. Can you please tell me if there is a meaning behind this? [read more...] I was originally born in in Romania, somewhere in the province of mare. When we moved to the states, we had to chose new names.

à mon avis bien sûr), ensuite j'ai envoyé ma photo... Il faut que je paye pour voir les photos des autres!

je viens de donner une heure de mon temps à répondre à des questions variées (certaines pertinentes, d'autre débiles...

I understand you probably get questions about numbers often, but everybody's mean different things. My cousin had a dream; she said that my boyfriend is going to betray me in May. What does this connection mean and am I destined for bigger things? [read more...] I always see the same numbers, though presented in different combinations and sequences throughout the day. I will see 1234, sometimes in that order, and also in different orders. This occurs on a constant basis, even if I wake up and check the time. It became my favorite number since I see it all the time. I know very little about astrology or numerology but, having experienced synchronicities and recurring angel numbers on a daily basis for the past year and a half, the symmetry of these numbers struck me immediately as being significant in some way. [read more...] So for the past years I've been catching 428 on everything I set my eyes on.