Stays can last from one week to several months, and many travellers use the family home as a base while touring the country.

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But while many teens might have hidden away from the prying glare of the cameras, which captured the moment that Josiah first asked the teen to enter an official courtship, Marjorie seemed more than confident in her new-found, if short-lived, role as a reality TV star.

Josiah and Marjorie even made their own video explaining their courtship to the show's fans, with an enthusiastic Marjorie saying to the camera: 'Hey guys, my name's Marjorie Jackson and I have some Duggar insider news for you.

Last December, they got to know each other better while on a mission trip to El Salvador, where Josiah's older sister Jill is also currently on a mission with her husband Derrick Dillard and their four-month-old son Israel.

The couple's brief courtship was well documented in the Duggar family's TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting, which was cancelled after it was revealed that Josiah's eldest brother Josh, 27, reportedly molested five girls - including four of his sisters - as a teenager.

When they see the potential for marriage down the line, they can then begin courting that particular person.

While they are still courting, however, the only displays of affection allowed are side hugs, in which both parties wrap one arm around each other and make only side-to-side contact.The diet also includes fresh fruit, milk, fruit juices, dairy products and eggs.Especially during weekends, it is customary for the whole family to eat the same foods at meals together.In the Duggar household, male-female relationship rules dictate that children 'date with a purpose'.When one of the 19 kids has his or her eye on a member of the opposite sex and wants to get to know them better, they can do so while meeting in group settings.Siblings often use each other’s clothes and personal items without asking permission first.