Having this extra detail can make all the difference because although the person that you initially give your business card may not know what to do with you and your skills, he may know someone in his network that has in need of someone like you.It is good to remember that random encounters with different people happen all the time.If left with no other choice do not hesitate to hand over your phone to the other person and have him type in his contact details and vice versa.

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This immediately separates you from 99% of the other men out there who may be students like you or are out there seeking a job like yourself.

In situations where one is trying to look for work it is not unusual to participate in a few networking events.

The littlest things we do send out the biggest messages.

Something as simple as a business card is indicative that you took the time to actually put your information in a card.

Although these options are available to many there will always be instances where you meet someone who may not have all of these technological things on them or isn’t comfortable using them.

This is why nothing can still replace the business card in encouraging people to follow up with you.And when they do, you always want to be prepared to take advantage of these meetings and the opportunities that could arise from them. In saying that make sure that you always have your business cards with you so when opportunity comes you are already prepared and you too may get “lucky” and find success. Check out this article on creating the perfect business card.The Internet has changed the way we get our news, watch television, read books and shop. Digital music and video games are the first and second most popular paid sites.If you decide to go to events like these with a certain number of business cards on your person then you can immediately create a goal for yourself.An example of a goal would be to make to distribute the 50 business cards that you brought along to the event.It’s estimated that some 20 million Internet users will visit an online dating site at least once a month.