He plans to use a mix of targeted Facebook ads, outreach to organizations for people with disabilities, and attendance at conferences and events (think the Abilities Expo and Disability Pride Parade).

The busiest online dating days of the year, dating sites and relationship experts say.

The first Sunday after New Year's Day is often the most active day of the year for dating sites, which brand...

When their mobile phone comes in the vicinity of that of another subscriber (a radius of about 10 meters) the phones exchange details of the two people.

If there is a match, then both users are alerted and can seek each other out and directly chat using Bluetooth (bluechat).

But things appear to be changing: Thanks to its rapid growth, Blued has received $30 million in funding through DCM, a venture capital firm.

“Our development can make more people to see the value of the gay internet, as well as the diversity and progress of Chinese society,” said Blued CEO Geng Le, who added that the app’s valuation has outpaced many comparable social apps aimed at heterosexuals.Settings can include an option which restricts alerts to subscribers who have a friend in common.A group of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) have developed a dating application called Bluedating running on mobile phones with Bluetooth.They teamed with California-based to develop the app and will continue their partnership as they roll out Glimmer 2.0 — a version with trivia games, a group date function and sponsored events that they’re hoping to launch in the next six months.Anderson aims to move the business from his West Town apartment into some office space and and growing the Chicago user base to at least 5,000.As Glimmer continues to grow, Anderson is looking at strategic partnerships that can help propel the app and its mission.“Now that we are getting such a positive response, we have started speaking with investors, as well as accelerators and incubators,” he said.