Whether you use it together as a couple or as individuals, this Bible will draw you closer to God and to each other.

Each weekday you'll read a brief devotional message and a nearby Scripture passage. You'll find them here, together with the complete text of the New International Version, today's best-selling modern translation, known for its accuracy and readability.

Still, how do we find the grace to run the race of relationship and not trip along the way? Its opening verses recall the stumbling and sinfulness of God’s people.

When people stop praying and assume an attitude of belligerent self-sufficiency, said Peck, they shrink the world to their perspective and seek to control it according to their whims. Marriages that go the distance are inevitably built on trust—in God and in each other. • Who around us has gone through rough places and survived? How might we gain new insights from their experiences?

It’s as an 81-year-old man told me from his oversized chair.

The "Couples' Devotional Bible" brings together Bible verses (using the New International Version) with devotional passages from 143 evangelicals, ranging from Dale Evans (wife of TV cowboy Roy Rogers) to Frank Peretti (author of "This Present Darkness" and other best-selling novels of spiritual warfare).

Couples who follow the book's plan can read the Bible text and a useful devotion for each day of the week, with questions and activities for weekends and a subject index on topics from adultery to finances to sex to work.

At the bottom of the devotion, you'll find "Marriage Builder" questions for discussion or personal evaluation. Now revised to reflect the realities of relationships today, the NIV Couples' Devotional Bible is a Bible for, by and about today's couple. This book is a really good guide and study book for couple, I just get married, and I found the questions for the devotional page were very inspiring.

At the end of the week, you'll find "Weekending," which combines a short, reflective devotion with Scripture readings for Saturday and Sunday. I found a lot of comfort through reading bible and had a devotional page which regarded to the marriage, relationship issue.

They happen when folks dig in for the long run and keep their eyes on the prize. Scott Peck said that the scariest people aren’t those who have quirky personalities or relational scars.

The most threatening folk, he wrote in , are those who don’t believe in a power beyond themselves.

The rest of the chapter breathes a reminder to seek God’s care.