“If he’s not calling you, it’s because you are not on his mind. If he creates expectations for you, and then doesn’t follow through on little things, he will do same for big things. And to think, I first wanted to date your brother.5. So sometimes a signature scent can be good and sometimes it can be bad.

We all prospect, and don't even know we're doing it.

When you start the dating process, you are actually prospecting for the person you want to marry.

We've rounded up some of our favorite pieces of relationship advice from our arsenal of real-life experts.

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At some point in your fife, your tolerance level goes down and you realize that, with someone much younger, there's nothing really to talk about. When you sit down across from someone on a first date and things are going alright, you talk objectives.

We want to win each other over, so how do you win someone over? When you're interviewing employees, you are prospecting for someone who will best fit your needs. I know right off the bat if I'm interested in someone, and I don't want them to waste their money on me and take me out to eat if I know I'm not interested in that person.I prefer ordinary girls - you know, college students, waitresses, that sort of thing.And a few realized the bliss of opting not to Instagram stalk prospective dates.Whatever the story, their credentials come from blood-sweat-and-tears .That's why we've decided to draw from Refinery29's library of personal stories to glean some real-world advice.