But now this world record-holder of a murder mystery is out on tour I've had a chance to see it and I can confirm Shirley has not played the game.

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The Three Blind Mice music, sinister and disturbing, recurs throughout.

By apparent coincidence, nearly everyone turns up at the guest house clad in virtually identical black outer clothing; an exception is the extremely youthful Sergeant Trotter (Lewis Collier), who makes his way there on skis.

Not quite all of it of course because as I sat gripped waiting for her to be wrong, I had rather an enjoyable time along the way.

Want an antidote to today's Brexit, Fracking and Trump nonsense? This production is quaint, twee and as cosy as a cardigan.

Performances overall, which call for controlled over-acting, are excellent.

Besides the Ralstons, there are the tried and trusted Christie types.

A thriller when it first appeared, it remains a thriller, but with a generous element of tongue-in-cheek.

Directed by Ian Watt-Smith, this is definitely one to get the coat on for.

They've started to run the Manor as a guest house this very day.