For example, “I can’t wait to tell you about this hot dream I had about you last night.

Too bad you’ll have to wait until I get off work.” Send a naughty note via old fashioned snail mail.

Send him this article or read it together, and discuss which of the strategies you’d feel comfortable trying.

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Say something like, “you know what just popped into my head today?

That time we were on vacation in Mexico, and we started making out in the jacuzzi? ” Prod him along by asking questions like, “do you remember what happened next?

Get a sense of which words feel more natural to you than others. Next, try sending him an email describing what you’d like to do to him the next time you two see each other.

Make sure to put a note saying “Private” or “For later” in the subject so he doesn’t open it at an inopportune time.

Talking over the phone is another fun option that’s not that much more intimidating than texting or writing.

You get to hear your boyfriend’s responses in real time, which makes it feel less isolating.

” Rehashing old memories is nice because you don’t have to make anything up or feel put on the spot.

Video chat can feel more vulnerable for shy people because you can actually see each other.

You’ll have plenty of time to collect and edit your thoughts, so you probably won’t feel intimidated or put on the spot.