The animation quality is so degradingly poor by comparison.

Varanoir kingdom of chaos the universe-32

I want to go into detail on all of these, but how can I? And the characters' lack of development may also stem from the fact that this anime doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. It starts serious (with the school having recruitment problems), then comedy with the principals, then serious with Mieu asking her grandfather if she can attend the school, and then comedy from there out with seriousness thrown in.

I could get behind this if it were a game (and to be honest, quite a few Idea Factory crossover games do this as well), but its not a style that translates well into anime.

It also makes little sense because, having seen some screenshots of the original game, the color seems toned down here.

The character designs are abysmal and the town shots are so simplistic and so lacking it's almost shocking.

It was chuckle-worthy at first, but by midway through I wanted to mute it. However, I wanted to mention the music first, because I have saved the worst for last: animation.

I originally mentioned that the art seems dated by ten years or so, but at least it seemed ok at points.

The misfire, as a result, leads to this empty feeling where you're not sure if the general mood is serious now or if you're supposed to laugh.

This is what happens when you take an ill-fitting to anime concept and improve nothing about it.

Faust seems the typical ham of the bunch and is twice propelled in the air by Ryuuto, who seems to be...a victory seeker?