And that’s to say nothing of hazing, which is constantly talked about and frowned upon, but nowhere near being eliminated.

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With colleges across the country back in session now, millions of freshman are figuring out how to navigate a new world.

If you’re one of them, you’re likely wondering what you should major in, how long it’ll be until your roommate’s every word and move drives you nuts, and how not to be pummeled by classes that are more challenging than you ever thought possible.

But the prevalence of less savory behavior overshadows the good, and fraternities shouldn’t be cast in a positive light until they take more proactive steps toward eliminating the ugliness than saying, “Yeah, but look at this nice thing we did over here.” If you're truly concerned about the disadvantages everyone who isn't a white male faces, you shouldn’t join a fraternity.

Once a brother asked me at lunch if I was ever going to write about how horrible fraternities are. Here are 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Join a Fraternity, From a Fraternity Alum.

I only came out of it with the help of a school therapist who happened to be a fraternity alum who also cares deeply about social issues, Zoloft, and the release date of graduation just weeks away.

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