In the ever-splintering world of niche dating apps, BRO is trying to give the curious straight man a chance to exploring his sexuality.The app is marketed towards straight men seeking other straight men for dates, hook-ups, friendship, or simply to bro out together.Shortly afterwards, the woman came to the clinic with symptoms of vaginal discharge.

At an HIV grand rounds presentation held this month at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Dominika Seidman, MD, MAS, and Shannon Weber, MSW, shared one story of a young woman who ended up becoming infected with HIV.

Because she had been actively engaged in her reproductive health care for many years, Seidman and Weber shared her story with other health care providers and HIV clinicians in attendance to identify and critically examine the missed opportunities that could have helped this young woman stay HIV-negative.

Specifically, the app gives men options to look for: "Dates," "Chat," "JUST Friends," "Long-Term Bromance," or "Whatever, Bro." Nude photos are not allowed, in an effort to cut down on some of the beef-fest that is traditionally associated with gay dating apps, but the implication of hook-up potential is high, with fields for disclosing your body type, height, ethnicity, HIV status, and "bro type." BRO founder Scott Kutler devised the app to make space for and encourage increasingly fluid sexuality in men.

While fleeting, exploratory, or label-free same-sex attraction amongst women goes largely unstigmatized, the same is not true for sexual fluidity in men, in spite of its prevalence throughout history.

She was “highly engaged in care,” said Seidman, citing the fact that she came in on seven occasions to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia over the course of her care at the clinic.

But this past spring, she had sex with a new partner and during sex, the condom broke.As well, I wanted to move beyond the hookup culture that many apps and websites have catered to." But perhaps it's useful to question why bros aren't "welcomed" into the gay community.One of the critiques from the queer community (an essential voice to hear out when exploring nuance in sexual orientation) of both Not Gay...and BRO are that these men looking for men are seeking a queer sexual encounter while still enjoying all the benefits of straight privilege.This is obviously going to anger, sadden, disgust, hurt, or otherwise negatively impact some members of the queer community.In 2015, 72% of new HIV diagnoses were among men who have sex with men.