In South Africa, 3D chocolate printing seems to be even further along, with Fouche Chocolates inventing their own printers to keep up with demand for their 3D chocolate creations.

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Sure, all those handcrafted (or store-bought) cards stuffed with candy are nice, but think about it. And at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show held recently in Las Vegas, 3D Systems revealed their Chef Jet and Chef Jet Pro, which can print chocolate and sugar.

OK, so obviously that’s not a possibility this Valentine’s Day, but it might not be too far-fetched a notion.

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What if, instead of writing 20 names in cards emblazoned with various cartoon characters, your students could simply print out chocolate hearts for each other this Valentine’s Day? 3D chocolate printers are already becoming popular in the culinary and hospitality industries, and there’s at least one company (Choc Edge) that deals mainly in 3D chocolate designs.

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