As it turns out, the woman has suffered both verbal harassment and sexual assault at this point with at least one man having asked her for sex after another allegedly groped her.

Apparently, the group wanted more than just a little chat.

After they stopped her, let’s just say there was much worse to come.

Before long, the clueless man tries to up the ante by offering the woman money for sex.

Already irritated at the men and their harassment antics, she snapped back, “Do you think I’m a wh*re?

Immediately kicking the video off, the man asks, “Can I make sex with you?

” As anyone would be, the woman was obviously caught off guard by the request and responds in disbelief, but the situation only results in the man pressing harder.” If anything, this video just goes to prove what we’ve been saying all along – Muslims do not assimilate.It is not socially acceptable to ask a stranger for sex as if they’re an object.Europe is taking in the vast majority of Muslims fleeing Syria on account of the destruction their own religion is ultimately causing, and stories like these are increasingly occurring in European nations.This incident took place in Södermanland County, west of Stockholm, Sweden.And I loved to suck his penis, a boy’s very tender and tasty. In the first two days he stroked me just legs – exactly as places begin panties.