The Ultimate Party Bus that takes the guests pub crawling every Saturday evening, and brings them back safely at the hostel, is also one of the perks of staying at Gilligan’s.To top it up, as if you needed an incentive, this hostel offers you a free meal with any drink purchase you make.You have to love a budget accommodation that lists itself as a bar first and a crash pad second.

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Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA We kept hearing reports about this guest house (with dorm beds), which contains a fully-stocked back porch saloon with a stage for live music.

According to the site, “It’s become a meeting place where world travelers, community organizations, families, artists and politicians rub elbows, dance, drink a few and thank their lucky stars they have the good fortune to spend an evening together in Lafayette, LA.” Location: Lapa, Rio De Janero, Brazil A hostel with an Irish Pub downstairs can only spell danger.

During my blurry night here I met a curvy mom (a buzzed cougar?

), a slurry Brazilian with come-hither eyes (and a girlfriend back home) and two terrifying Russian men, both quite toxic and looking for something to punch.

Location: Bocas Del Toro, Panama Bocas Del Toro is quickly becoming a huge party destination, often with travelers on the last stop of their South American loop.

Mondo Taitu remains the mainland’s party spot of choice, but more adventurous travelers will be rewarded if they seek out this island hostel, just a stone’s throw from shore.

Location: Dublin, Ireland “Come and sleep with us” is Isaacs’ catch phrase and it sounds pretty appealing.

Not only does this hostel have the reputation to be the “best party hostel in Dublin”, but it is also the perfect place for solo travelers to meet people and have some fun. Location: Cadiz, Spain It doesn’t seem like anyone sleeps here, or at least not while the moon is out.

Stock and standard are events that make for the beginnings of a wild night; beer pong and poker nights to name a couple.

Its location close to Zona Rosa makes pre-gaming all that much easier.

Upon arrival, one person notes “everyone was still asleep because of a tequila party the night before” and another confirms, “This place is loud all night, and I mean all night until 6am in the morning.” Location: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji This resort sports a mammoth dorm with 86 beds, making it one hell of a devil’s playground.