The parlours have a potential destabilizing effect in the minds of young children because of their location.In some cases, clients visiting the parlours have to jump over children playing within the corridors.

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As it turns out, many women who have succeeded in Kenya’s corporate sector find themselves single.

Often, these women are willing to engage in relationships with younger men in exchange for providing cash and jobs.

The hope is that with marriage, comes the prospects of gaining citizenship in those countries.

In the meantime, there will be constant demands for money to take care of “emergencies,” “school fees,” “rent,” and the like.

Certain buildings which house executive offices have rooms hired out for the sex trade.

However, knowledge of these facilities is restricted to practitioners and clients in the trade.At Kenya’s coast, there are cases of married men getting involved with female tourists for money with the full knowledge of their own wives.So brazen has the sex industry become that recruitment is done openly through newspaper classifieds and websites.Strip clubs are another growing concern, especially within Nairobi.Due to competition, an increasing number of restaurants are introducing strippers in order to gain clientele.The massage parlours are located in respectable, upper-class residential areas such as Hurlingham, Westlands, Parklands, Spring Valley, Upper Hill, South C and even around State House.