While there are some very nice guys over there (as there are anywhere), I have to say that in over seven years working in Paris, I never once met a woman who had stayed married to a Frenchman. Of course there are also a lot of couples who are already on their second or third marriage; but then, being irresistible doesn't guarantee a long term marriage...

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Like the Newsday reviewed it: a film " Filled to the brim with dramatic family confrontations, death-bed scenes, poisoned books, sex, redemption and expert scenery.

Every moment is riveting, every actor gives his all.

yes, they can cook - i wouldn't doubt that for a minute and I am sure you've had your share of fun - but tell me, where can i find more friench ladies, with a few of these qualities !!

It was indeed sad to heat that Gerrard Depardeu's son, passed away a few months back - an awesome bloke who went through a lot in such a short span.......

Just listen to the video of Cyrano talking to his beloved Roxane.

Like her you will feel your knees going like jelly at the whisper of Cyrano and his beautiful words.

He was just perfect on the role of Robin Hood in the French musical comedy “Robin des Bois”. More important to me is a mysterious connection to one's spirit. Please see how I strive to help others in new ways. My Dear Princessa: I can see that the men you describe would appeal to the fairer sex and, as such, could even be envied by other males, but you speak as though every Frenchman has these qualities. Personally I think that different things work for different people, and the above are some of the things that are important for me.

He is also known for his big heart as he is a great supporter of charity causes particularly AIDS and children charities. The chemistry, the attitude, the intelligence, the demeanor? I have seen the farmer's revolting and the youth gangs in the Paris suburbs terrorizing the innocent and the surly cabdrivers and the rude waiters. Cristoph: I love your comments, you are so passionate about them. LOL I was not trying to put anyone in a box, this is just my perception of French men -and I must add that I live in the countryside, so I do encounter farmers quite often and even them have a "je ne sais quoi" about them.

anyway that apart, go on, cheri......flirtin French men and women are beautiful people. So far I spent one amazing night with him I will never forget. Knowing it will not last but just enjoying the moment and making memories never to forget.