Taking photos of prisoners is prohibited in many prisons, so the few that find their way out are precious. Life behind enemy lines can be lonely, and a letter from a friend – a pen pal – can liberate mind and spirit. Prisoners often write to say, “The Bay View keeps me alive.” I’m a single Black Male, 41 years old. Marc Edmonson P98025, B-1-114-Low, CSP-LAC, PO Box 4490, Lancaster, CA 933539 I’m 47 years young, a white & Indian Male, with greenish blue eyes and black hair. I’m looking for a friend to write and help me pass the time while in here. I look forward to hearing back from you I’m from Marysville, CA Wesley Hedrick, H-54037, D-16-A-103-1-Low, Mule Creek, State Prison, PO Box 409089, Ione, CA 95640 Beautiful Babes Behind Bars: For men who’ll write female prisoners, send bio, photo, and contact info to: Santana Willingham 17897-021, FCC, Camp F-1, PO Box 1027, Coleman, FL 33521 In the past I would sit for hours, arrested within the subtle grasp of a million little moments, pondering the possibilities who it is that I might become upon my release. Or would I continue walking about the fragile and rotten path of the gangsta; destined for destruction like a house built of sun-damaged cards? I’m a man misunderstood by his captors for a crime committed at a younger age (22). I have less than 6 months before my release date of 1/31/17 after 5 reefing years i captivity. I have been down since 2003, which is 11 years, and some change. I’m very open and honest and would like the same in return. Ive made some bad choices in my life, but I am not a bad woman. I love being outdoors enjoying the weather even when it is cold. I’m from San Francisco Hunters Point, but will be living sown South in the San Bernardino area. One who knows her worth and absolutely knows what she wants in life. I am a down to earth brother who has mede too many mistakes in life. However, I do insist that my future queen is beyond being judgmental. Some of my hobbies are working out, and making people smile. I am tatted up very much, so I hope that’s not a problem. Currently serving a sentence in the PA Department of Corrections, hoping to be released before my Max in 2023. I’m a 39 ear old male out of San Jose, and I’m looking for a female partner in whom I can just overwhelm with my boyish charm and personality. Plus, not only am I handsome and muscular, I’m very intriguing. You’ll stay interested in discovering, and I’ll always keep you wanting more…and on the edge of your seat.

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I’ve been incarcerated since 1994 for a crime that I am adament that I did not commit. I’m looking for a good ‘Female’, who’s 40 to 45, and up. I’m Lonely, and would love to have a good friend to write to. Now, I ain’t tryna beat around the bush or mince words or sound like something i’m not. I’m tryna send mail and receive mail from a top bossy chick who’s tryna give understanding & receive it. I look to be home next year, once I’m back on gain time, and will relocate. So if you need a good friend and partner in these last evil days, I’ll be [raying for God to lead you to me. Mc Fadden 0268738, PO Box 506, Maury, NC 28554 SBF, 34 years old, 150 lbs., Redbone with shoulder length hair & beautiful skin. I would love to get to know somethings about you; so, do not hesitate to write. Anthony Davis 04-A-3293, Shawangunk Correctional Facility, PO Box 700, Wallkill, NY 12589 Hi. 6’5”.300 pounds, very long sandy hair, blue/brown eyes. Is truly a graduate of the University of Very Hard Knocks.(s). 3/7/81 35, Sex: M, Race: Black, Religion: Open, Weight: 205, Height: 6’2”. I’m hardworking, honest, loving, romantic, caring individual who is looking for a very similar person that understands life and the struggles that we will have to go through, but is willing to work hard right along beside me to make sure that we both will have something good in life. East Unit (102-1765), 35 Apalachee Drive, Sneads, FL 34620.

Narcisco Medina F26145, PO Box 409099, Ione, CA 95640 Legal Help Needed. I don’t mind what race a person is, and don’t mind those with handicaps, because I have handicaps as well due to a stroke. Freddie Paige 0809165, Maury Correctional Institution, PO Box 506, Maury, NC 28554 SBM 27 years old, 168 lbs. Off top, all queens behind enemy lines are most welcome to write. I am a writer ad have two books on a web site already, Please read my “First Fall of Tears” and my “Hard Hearted” if you like. 7 2-B, C-zone #323, PO Box 88559, Pearl, MS 39288 50 year old white male in California prison. It gets really lonely in here, so the correspondence would be greatly appreciated. Anyone interested in friendship or more, please writ. Chrstian Gouse LP3175, Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426-0244 Hello out there to all Jazzy ladies that are (white) and petite, that are i need of a cry flamboyant fly connoisseur – that is, into all forms of fetishism /NYMPHOMANIA © (HHUAV) :60” plus, very attractive, light-skinned, very slim and trim. I am looking for someone whom I can offer my friendship, and possibly more, maybe even my love in the future. I’m currently writing two books and I like to write poems for a hobby. Adrian Graham #0777055, 4285 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699 My name is Isis Argueta.

And if, like me, you’ve lived with your hands raised above your head hoping to grasp just a little piece of heaven as you’ve stumbled under the brilliant light of both your triumphs and failures alike; then I say, hello my fellow dreamer…And then some! I am openminded, mature, and I have a positive attitude. Everyohne needs a friend and I am truly cooking for one I love to write, draw, and read. African American male who’s expecting to be released from prison in 2019. Hobbies are: dance, cooking, cleaning, and very independent. I love to be romantic and i would love for my man to also be romantic and to be alble to put a huge smile on my face. I am also looking for someone who does legal work, Until then, I leave and I come. Preheat honesty in the oven at 350, then Roll ingredients and bake. Christopher Smith 291523, B unit, C tier, cell 504, MCC. Hwy 36, K3B-25, Gatesville, TX 76596 My name is Amber Meidinger. A little about me: I’m laid back and easy to talk to. I do not have any family communicating with me right now. Don’t be afraid to pick up a pen and write to ya Boi. Any of Y’all that are locked up needs a Third Party to write me. Steven Ingram KT-7110, SCI Somerset,1600 Walters Mill Rd., Somerset, PA 15510 My nam is Pete.

I’m innocent of the crime of murder and seek the help of Pro-Bono Legal Services, Advocacy monetary Donations to retain Counsel (via) money order. And I’m not gone say I’m looking for anyone to write me, because I’m not. Looking to develop a long term friendship/relationship with someone sincere. I’m a great guy, just looking for someone real and down to earth. I’m interested in meeting someone who is understanding, well rounded, knows how to appreciate a real gentleman and respects realness. I have been locked down since I was 15 years old, and I’m looking for that one to spend my future with. Derrick Tatum AT8967, California Men’s Colony State Prison, PO Box 8101-B-3310, San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-8101 I’m a Black and Cuban mix male with long hair. I’m looking for a very open minded type of woman that I can learn and share a life with. Pete Arena J56003, CSP/Sac, A-1 #105, PO Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671 Hey You… I’m looking for somebody to share a sense of freedom with. Someone who knows how to make me laugh, who pays attention, loyal and honest. If you are 18 to 60, be one of the first 10 to get your very own picture. I wish to correspond with someone of the same caliber and can think outside the box. I love children and would not mind being in a relationship with someone who already have some ☺ Just know that I have nothing to hide.

I’m now accepting requests; For Free Customized Poetry professionally typed. I have a beautiful smile that’s contagious (all my teeth interacted) LOL. (Pictures on request) Megan Quinones WF3850, CCWF 504-117, PO Box 1508, Chowchilla, CA 93610 I am Raymond Branch, from East Oakland, CA Bay Area. I’m 51 y.o., 6’1”, looking for a Sister to write brother. Raymond Branch AS3951, C-1-1061L Calipatria State Prison, PO Box 5004, Calipatria, CA 92233 Single white female, 27 years old and bi-sexual. I am intelligent, people friendly, very adventurous, who likes new things in life and not afraid to take chances, and I am also spontaneous. I’m perusing my “self” and would like to have a friend to build with. The other reasons I look because of the beauty that inside you. I would like someone that is down to earth and someone with an open heart and that is willing to speak about anything and be there for each other, because I like to write a lot of letters, and I just need someone to correspond with and be my pen pal. We can astronomically travel beyond the moon and make a start that will mend your broken heart and heal your motional scars. I’ve made my share of mistakes, but they don’t define who I am. You can contact me and if possible, send me a pic of you. Hunks, #A0007, Great Meadow Correctional Facility, Box 51, Comstock, NY 12821-0051 S. M, I’m 32, 6 feet tall, dark skin, bald head, muscular built, 177 pounds. D 1089398, North Branch Correctional Institution, 13100 Mc Mullen Hwy, SW, Cumberland, MD 21502 My name is Charle W. I like to have a lady pen pal from 30 on up, a nice person that I can relate to. If it is ok I would like a Black lady for a pen pal, please. So I’m reaching out to you humbly seeking friendship. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration. Wright, B-H10118/P Dorm, Union Correctional Institution, PO Box 1000, Raiford, FL 32083 BM 6’0”, Brown skin, 25 years old. Race, age religion, sexuality, or personal opinions do not matter. Single Black male, 157 pounds, 35 years old, seeing to gain ground with a single professional never-been-married-before messianic Jewish female and follower of Yahweh.

I’m only asking for a chance to get to know the real you, as for myself, I’m an open book. Larry Cheese 43667-037, USP Florence, PO Box 7000, Florence, CO 81226 I’m seeking a trusted partner who’s computer literate to help create and manage my poetry and arts sites, such as Facebook, and Instagram to showcase my passion and skill set. I’ve made a few mistakes, but that don’t define me. Mr, Reggie Schierholz J 75070, VSP A3, 242L, PO Box 92, Chowchilla, CA 93610 My book can be found on under Ocie Wright (Poems), “Locked Up Not Mentally Caged In”Black, 34, 6 ft, 200. I am a true Christian that would like to have someone that is willing to take the time and write me as a pen pal and someone to be a friend, too. I’m sincerely searching for the precious treasure of your loving heart and extraordinary soul, which is the unique mystery that is untold. I’m nicely put together, a beautiful smile, educated, and very intellectual. I would like to share it with you cuz you chose me, and we’re going to roll out till I take my last breath from between your thighs, and you’ll think about how I made you feel like you’re standing in the sun.. Jesse Ramirez, P-06338, CSP-Corcoran SHU, 4A, 2L, 32, PO Box 3476, Corcoran, CA 93212 Light skin tatted, young woman, 23 years old, mixed black, white, & Mexican. Since my wrongful conviction, family and friends have abandoned me. TC referred for July, 2017 on Solidarity Confinement. I’m not the type of person you can picture or think I’m the type that show. I’m gone be here; so don’t waste your time reading it. Dominique Norris, GDC #1286118, Ware State Prison, 3620 N. I am looking for a real loyal person to correspond with who may become more. I’m a great person & I believe anything is possible as long as the intentions are pure. Serious inquiries in Yashua Messiah only, interested in mature woman believers in Yahweh through yahsua messiah only. The reason I said “True Virgo” is because I’m a “Rough neck” romantic & a serious “Goof ball”. Most people would describe me as an “old school” gentleman with “Gangsta” characteristics & a very “felonious “ history. I’m straight forward, honest and lovable and funny. – A-2-106, PO Box 5000, Delano, CA 93216 (Babe-watch) Blond hair,blue eyed (beautiful disaster) At the tender age of 31, I’m with it fun-loving intelligent and ful of life. I am really into the Bible, and I enjoy talking about the Word of God. C, PO Box 70010, Boise ID 83707 I am looking for a very smart or special gay man who knows how to take care of a man. I’m a grown woman, “No Games”, at 47 years old I’m still growing like Stella (smile) and the sky’s the limit. Once I’m released I’m going to live my life super charged and go legal. Locked up since 1998, 3-striker, seeking any beautiful women to write. Love to laugh and listen to what people are doing out there in the real world. I was wrongfully convicted and sent to Florida’s death Row October12, 2005 after two mistakes. I’m well rounded & loyal and always think inside out the box. Someone interested in sharing some laughter & conversation, who is also understanding & supportive, and willing to help me thru the challenges faced during incarceration & re-entry to society, an individual who wouldn’t mind adding some color & much needed hope to a young man’s life. A woman that can five me something to look forward to & hopefully I’ll be able to put a smile on her face when she thinks of me. “True VIrgo”, born on September 1, 1983, in French Camp, CA. Wes Du Pree, Montgomery AM7468, A-2-101up, CSP Solano, PO Box 4000, Vacaville, CA 95696 Hello. Looking for an honest, down to earth woman friend to build with and get to know and maybe see the world through her eyes. My name is Juan Garza, and I am looking for a pen pal to writ to and someone that is willing to correspond with. “You only live once.” I love nature, sports, reading, music, swimming, and good conversation and laughter. I’m completing a debt to society for an unwise decision I made. Harris Road, Waycross, GA 31503 42 year-old half white/Hispanic. My problematic incarceration started April 22, 2000. I’m looking for a friend correspondence with some type of business about they self, & Jack of All Trades mind frame. Special interest: Seeking relationship, and hopefully, Marriage. What I’m seeking is mature adults to correspond with and maybe talk on the phone. Scambusters is committed to helping you avoid getting taken by dangerous Internet scams, frustrating spam, devious identity theft, and other cunning offline and online scams. My husband Jim and I created as a definitive resource because unfortunately, as we hear every single day, being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself and your family.Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by of all of the scams, spam and other junk you see every day on the Internet and in your email box? The first thing we recommend you do is subscribe to our free email newsletter by entering your email address in the box on the right. C Flamenco, Unit 124, George Ward, PO Box 52109, Phoenix, AZ 85072 55 y.o. I like to wine & dine, going to movies, plays,and jazz clubs I am a jack of all trades and a master of most. Loyalty and honesty means a lot to me, looking for a woman who feels the same. I’m looking to establish a relationship with a woman who has goals and not afraid to speak her mind. I will never judge you, criticize you, or lie to you. Tony Scally #G67776, CSP-COR-3A02-141up, Corcoran, CA 93212. Please write and send pictures, Please write and be possibility captivated with positivity. Troy Rosales, 1189159, 651 “I” Street 8 West 1 19A, Sacramento, CA 95814 I’m in need of corresponding with business minded people who can point me in the right direction. Looking for a friend and maybe even more if it come to. No kids, just single, lonely, searching for the one. If you can find it in your heart, please send a word. Stevie Smith, K-17060, C-14-12-5 up, PO Box 4000, Vacaville, CA 95696 My name is Taveses Jerrod Wright. Great sense of humor, loyal, and a great sense of self ad im on the down side of a long journey and would love the chance to share the rest of my journey with someone who’s honest, down to earth, and most of all, loyal.