Two years later, he earned his Ph D ("Studies in a Greek Gospel Lectionary (Greg. In 1944, Metzger married Isobel Elizabeth Mackay, daughter of the third president of the Seminary, John A. In 1971, he was elected president of both the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas and the Society of Biblical Literature.

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Metzger was visiting fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge in 1974 and Wolfson College, Oxford in 1979.

In 1978 he was elected corresponding fellow of the British Academy, the Academy's highest distinction for persons who are not residents in the United Kingdom.

In discussing the canon, Metzger identifies three criteria “for acceptance of particular writings as sacred, authoritative, and worthy of being read in services of worship…”, criteria which were “generally adopted during the course of the second century, and were never modified thereafter”, namely, orthodoxy (conformity to the rule of faith), apostolicity, and consensus among the churches.

The Khaburis Codex (alternate spelling Khaboris, Khabouris) is a medieval era Aramaic manuscript of the New Testament.

He was a scholar of Greek, New Testament, and New Testament textual criticism, and wrote prolifically on these subjects.

Metzger is widely considered one of the most influential New Testament scholars of the 20th century.Metzger had strong academic training in Greek before enrolling in Princeton Seminary, and in the summer prior to entering the Seminary, he completed reading through the entire Bible consecutively for the twelfth time.He received his Th B in 1938 at Princeton Theological Seminary, and in the autumn of 1938 began teaching at Princeton as a Teaching Fellow in New Testament Greek.Paul Metzger - "Bright Red Stone" (Deliverance) It's somewhat surprising that, despite being fraught with violence and emotional tension, John Boorman's 1972 Deliverance is best remembered for the image of a creepy inbred kid with a banjo and the simple melodic opening of "Dueling Banjos," the song made famous by the scene.Naming a record of solo banjo Deliverance 25 years later is something Paul Metzger couldn't have done unawares, but while the album's title might contain a nod to backwoods American folk tradition, its music taps into something more exotic.seeing [the NRSV] through the press." He considered it a privilege to present the NRSV—which includes the books referred to as Apocrypha by Protestants, though Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox consider them deuterocanonical—to Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Demetrius I of Constantinople.