According to the police, who have registered a case against Meeken, the headmaster would unnecessarily summon the 12- year-old boy to his chamber and ask him 'inappropriate and objectionable' questions.

Every time an incident like the one in takes place, one immediately sees a rise of sanctimonious men who claim to be against rape and molestation, but somehow take this particular opportunity to talk about how not all men are at fault here. Women know and understand that not all men are rapists or molesters. An even larger number of them are enablers of sexual assault, thanks to casual victim blaming, rape jokes and general sexism.

The #Not All Men hashtag is one of the more petty attempts by the male gender to steer the conversation about gendered violence and sexual assault towards men, by making themselves look like the victims of a generalisation, conveniently ignoring the fact that sexual assault and gendered violence are a product of toxic masculinity, systemic oppression of women, internalised patriarchy and plain apathy. And a really scarily huge number of them turn into the defenders of men’s rights only when women decide to talk about assault.

He finally complained to his mother,' the officer said.

In a statement, the Trio World School said Meeken had been suspended from his responsibilities and the management was cooperating with the police in the investigation. On January 20, a parent approached the school administration with a complaint that the headmaster, Paul Meeken, was allegedly having an inappropriate chatting session with the pupil.

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